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The St. Modwen Way: Our leadership competencies

The St. Modwen Way: The leadership behaviours at the core of our business

The following leadership capabilities highlighted below, have been identified as critical to the delivery of our strategy. These competencies have been refined to ensure they are fresh, relevant and align to our values, our core competencies (The St Modwen Way) and our organisational and people strategies.

Our leadership competencies in detail:

Strategic Perspective

The capacity to shape the company’s future by developing the vision and strategy; motivating employees and stakeholders to ensure effective commitment; ownership and delivery

Customer Centric

A strong focus on customers and stakeholders, keeping the customer at the forefront and heart of decision making. Seeking to understand customer and stakeholder needs and building strategies that meet these needs.

Agile and Flexible

The ability to take complexity and ambiguity in one’s stride ; adapting to meet new demands and priorities in a volatile and uncertain world.


Using strong interpersonal skills to build effective relationships with stakeholders, to inspire, engage and empower colleagues in order to achieve success together.

Drive and Inspiration

A deep-rooted determination to achieve excellence while maintaining balance with personal wellbeing health and safety. The ability to inspire and motivate others to unlock their potential.

Harnessing Insight

Using data, measures and metrics to gain insight into business events and circumstances, to develop foresight into future business performance, and to inform and enhance decision-making processes.

Building Capability

The ability to identify and build the capabilities needed to achieve the strategy of the organisation.


Leading with integrity and honesty, driven by a deep sense of purpose and personal values.