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The St. Modwen Way: Our core competencies

The St. Modwen Way: The behaviours at the core of our business

We’ve focused on aligning the Company with our strategic objectives and creating the right culture and internal environment. This is clearly important because the delivery of our financial and commercial objectives is vital to our purpose – Changing Places and Creating Better Futures.

Our core capabilities, highlighted below, have been identified as critical to the delivery of our strategy. These competencies have been refined to ensure they are fresh, relevant and align with our values and our organisational and people strategies.

Our competencies in detail:

We are Customer Centric

We put the customer and stakeholder at the heart of our decisions. We ensure that we know what our customers and stakeholders want and need and we work tirelessly to exceed their expectations.

We are Agile and Flexible

We respond quickly to the changing needs of the business. We are adaptive, open to new ideas and ways of working, taking change and ambiguity in our stride.

We are Collaborative

We create collective success through teamwork, knowledge sharing and mutual support. We are open-minded and inclusive.

We are Driven to Succeed

We are driven to deliver great results for the business and take responsibility for making it happen. We hold ourselves against high expectations, overcome setbacks with resilience while ensuring that we maintain our personal wellbeing.

We are Commercial Decision Makers

We make sound decisions using data, insight and feedback. We think things through to ensure we’re doing the right thing strategically and commercially. We are curious and question things.

We are Innovative and Entrepreneurial

We always seek opportunities to do things better and are not confined by how things have always been done. We find creative ways to solve problems and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset turning ideas into reality.